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Blumat Connectors (Tank, Elbow, Tee, & More)

Blumat Connectors (Tank, Elbow, Tee, & More)

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Connector Type & Size

Tank Connectors:

For use with a gravity fed water flow system. Connects the Blumat 8mm water supply line to a storage container or rain barrel.

Tee & Elbow Connectors (4 Pack) (2 of Each):

This package includes two 8mm-8mm-8mm Tee, and two end-piece (3mm-8mm Elbow).

Elbow Connectors:

Very useful in raised bed applications when running tubing tightly around a corner. Allows you to reduce from 8 mm down to 3 mm.

8mm BULKHEAD / Through-Hull Tank Connector:

  • UNIVERSAL - Convert rain barrels, water tanks, or any other container into a blumat reservoir!
  • SIMPLE - Drill a hole (using 1/2" bit) into your container, and install the nipple facing outward!
  • 8MM OUTPUT - Integrate directly to 8mm flex line or other blumat-compatible water supply tubing
  • DURABLE - Built to last by the same company bringing you Blumat watering stakes!
  • FLEX-COMPATIBLE - Ideally suited for the flex tubing included with most blumat systems.

Connect a blumat system to a rain barrel or water storage tank.

Just screw half on the inside of the tank, the other on the outside. The nipple connects to the standard blumat 8 mm water supply/feed line.

You can either start with one of these bulkheads, or a blumat pressure reducer--either of these fittings will "start" your blumat watering system. blumat Classic Jr and blumat xl do not require either.

Use 1/2" drill bit to puncture hole.

These bulkheads will work flawlessly with your blumats! They are easy to install, durable, perfectly fitted for other blumat equipment, and can instantly turn any container of your choice into a perfect blumat reservoir.

These can also be used with drip irrigation lines and many other kinds of irrigation equipment. As long as you have 8mm tubing to attach to the nipple this bulkhead will do the trick.

We use these on rain barrels, 5-gallon buckets, plastic totes, 55-gallon drums, and every other water vessel/container that you could imagine! After installing one or two, you'll be ready to run your blumat system.

To attach 8 mm Blumat water supply line to a rain barrel or water storage tank.

This is your classic bulkhead fitting, made in Austria, high quality and efficient for a Blumat System. Bulkhead fittings allow you to penetrate through a wall or barrier, while allowing passage within the fitting. This allow you to tap into a tank of water, while allowing water to pass-through the bulkhead fitting, and into a water supply line. We have these pre-drilled into our 5-gal bucket reservoir, see related products below. Have your own reservoir? No problem, simply drill 1/2" holes into your own water tank and convert it into a Blumat Reservoir.

We have even higher quality bullhead fittings, some that stop water flow when disconnected. Check out our bulkhead fittings category.

This is the bulk version of this item, so doesn't come with packaging for stores (makes it less-expensive for your convenience).

*Reservoir not included, look into Blumat Reservoir or 5-gal bucket if you need a reservoir

 Reducer (3mm to 8mm):

These are great for connecting a plant when it's far away from the supply line, too far to make long 3mm lines - just use a tee and 8mm, adapt down to the 3mm with this.

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