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Blumat Easy Bottle Adapter Plant Watering Stakes

Blumat Easy Bottle Adapter Plant Watering Stakes

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Blumat Easy is a hassle-free, plant-sitting service that comes in handy when you want to take a short holiday. The plants are continuously and evenly supplied with water during your absence. Blumat Easy is quick and easy to use with any standard plastic bottle.


  • Fits onto almost any plastic bottle
  • Constant water delivery
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Easy to handle and long-lasting
  • The adapter fits almost any standard plastic bottle from 0.5 - 2 litres.


  1.  Fill bottle with water.
  2.  Attach adapter to bottle.
  3.  Pierce a small hole in the bottle.
  4.  Place the bottle with adapter upside down in the potting soil.
  5.  Ready! The porous clay cone now releases water slowly and evenly into the soil. 

Much better than the wine bottle versions because Blumats are so much easier to refill: just cut the bottom off plastic bottle and fill with your regular watering can. (No reason to go back and forth from your sink so many times.) Better than the globe spikes because these disperse the water evenly, not just through a hole in the bottom. Just fit this adapter into almost any standard plastic bottle, fill the bottle with water and push into the soil near a plant. The porous cone will slowly start to distribute water throughout the day.

Water delivery Blumat Easy: 200mL / day

Water delivery Blumat Easy XL: 300mL / day

The Blumat bottle adapters with a recycled bottle take houseplant worry away from vacation time. Unless the plant has lots of leaves on the bottom though, a plastic bottle may decrease the aethetics. These new hand-blown glass water reservoirs give you the best of both worlds for optimum plant care - they both provide the ideal slow-drip moisture plants love as well as looking really good!

We have 11 oz (3 3/8" diameter) and 23 oz (4 3/8") glass globes and of course the regular bottle adapters and the XL ones that give about 50% more water per week.

Just push the adapter and glass globe into your potting mix, fill it with water, and watch how fast your plants grow! The porous cone will slowly start to distribute water throughout the day. The regular size does about 200 milileters (.43 pint) during a 24-hour period. The XL, larger size does about 300 milileters (.63 pint).

The large glass globe with the small Blumat bottle adapter (IG15855) will water plants for the longest time.

The small glass globe with the large bottle adapter (IG15854) will give the shortest amount of watering days but it is a good choice for plants that like a lot of water but aren't big enough for a large glass globe.

The small glass globe with small adapter (IG15851) is usually the best choice for small plants and the large globe with large aapter (IG15852) for large plants.

If you already have Blumat bottle adapters, you can order these globes separatly but connecting them is a little bit of a project. We send a small piece of shrink-wrap tubing and you need to heat it onto the place where the globe and adapter meet with a hair dryer.

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