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Botanicare Rhizo Blast (1.15-0.5-1.15)

Botanicare Rhizo Blast (1.15-0.5-1.15)

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Botanicare Rhizo Blast® is a proprietary blend of seaweed, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and Chlorella to help your roots grow. Rhizo Blast® can be used with all grow mediums and is beneficial in hydroponic, soil and coco coir gardens.

This revolutionary formula encourages plants to produce an abundant, bushy root mass with lush, stacked foliage, and provides plants with naturally occurring plant growth hormones.

Why Rhizo Blast (1.15-0.5-1.15)?

  • Helps with root growth
  • Can be used in all growing mediums
  • Encourages abundant, bushy root mass with lush, stacked foliage
  • Provides naturally occurring plant growth hormones

Usage Application

  • Use with every watering through week three of flowering phase. Shake well before each use and never mix concentrates. Always allow nutrient solution to mix well before adjusting pH. 2 ml per gallon application rate.
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