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CannaMax Labs

CannaMax Labs Potassium Silicate

CannaMax Labs Potassium Silicate

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Canna Max Labs Potassium Silicate is a nutrient control for fungus & molds.

Adding Potassium Silicate to your nutrient solution helps prevent the growth of mold and fungus in plants, helps raise the pH of the nutrient and is a source of potassium for your plant.

This Potassium Silicate mix is 16 times more concentrate than any other on the market. Only a small amount is required to get amazing results.

Why Potassium Silicate?

  • Increases tolerance to stress, temperature changes, and water/soil toxicity
  • Improves growth rates in the roots & foliage
  • Controls fungus and molds
  • Raises the pH of the nutrient
  • A source of potassium for your plant
  • 16 times more concentrated
  • Amazing results

Potassium Silicate can increase your plants tolerances of environmental stress, temperature changes, water and soil toxicity. It can also aid in the improved growth rate in the root zone and the foilage.

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