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Canuk Seeds

Canuk Puk Seed Bundles

Canuk Puk Seed Bundles

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Canuk Puks are a unique and limited edition product! The seeds are built into an actual Puk!

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Puk 2.0

  • 3x Kushy Kush Fem
  • 3x Jack Herer Fem
  • 3x Cheese Fem
  • 3x GG #4 Fem

Puk 3.0

  • 3x Wedding Cake Fem
  • 3x Do-si-dos Fem
  • 3x Gelato Fem
  • 3x Double Chocolate Fem

Puk 4.0

  • 3x Bruce Banner FAST Fem
  • 3x Cinderella 99 FAST Fem
  • 3x Norther Lights Fem
  • 3x King TUT Fem

Puk Auto

  • 3x Cheese Auto
  • 3x Moby Dick Auto
  • 3x Sour Diesel Auto
  • 3x Magnum Auto

Puk Banana

  • 3x Banana Kush Fem
  • 3x Banana Punch Fem
  • 3x Strawberry Banana Fem
  • 3x Strawberry Banana Cheese Fem


  • 3x CBDurban Fem
  • 3x Elixir CBD Auto Fem
  • 3x Viente:Uno CBD

Puk Fast

  • 3x AK Fast
  • 3x Northern Lights Fast
  • 3x Kryptonite Kush Fast
  • 3x Green Potion Fast

Puk Pink

  • 3x Dolato Fem
  • 3x Shiskaberry Punch Fem
  • 3x Alien Glue Fem
  • 3x Space Cookies

Puk Royal

  • 3x Strawberry Cough Fem
  • 3x Amnesia Fem
  • 3x Durban Poison Fem
  • 3x Original Skunk #1 Fem

Puk White

  • 3x White Widow Fem
  • 3x White Banner Fem
  • 3x White Rhino Fem
  • 3x White Widow Auto Fem

Puk Gold

  • 10x Agent Orange Regular
  • 10x Original Skunk #1 Regular
  • 10x Coco Melon Regular
  • 10x Original Afghani #1 Regular
  • 10x Bruce Banner Regular



Note: Seeds are for collectible adult genetic preservation souvenirs purpose only.

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