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Capillary Mat Rolls & Anti-Algae Foil

Capillary Mat Rolls & Anti-Algae Foil

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This mat is great for lining seed trays and for use with the Surface-Blumat. The way to set it up is to line your tray or tub with the capillary mat fabric and put the Surface Blumat on top- and when adjusted correctly, the Blumat will automatically turn your water flow on and off based on the moisture level of the cap mat.

Anti-Algae Perforated Black Foil:

Stop algae and other unwanted organism growing where you don't want them! This perforated black foil lets the water in but not the light. Essential with our Surface Blumats, also great for covering the tops of Grodan cubes and any other places where you have a moist material in light.

The foil is 4' wide - order by any amount of linear feet.

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