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Focus V

Focus V Carta (Carta & Carta 2)

Focus V Carta (Carta & Carta 2)

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The Focus V Carta Classic E-Nail is a versatile wax vaporizer that features removable 18350 batteries, quartz and titanium bucket-style heating chambers, USB-C charging, and a convenient carrying case. It comes stock with 4 pre-set temperatures and an iOS app that allows for more customization. The unique bubbler does an effective job at cooling vapor for each draw.
For even longer uninterrupted vaping sessions, these removable Focus V Carta batteries work great as replacements or just to keep as spares.

  • ORIGINS China
  • BATTERY 2x 18350 (included)
  • BATTERY LIFE 20~ Cycles per charge
  • HEAT TIME 60 Seconds
  • HEATING STYLE Conduction
  • TEMPERATURE 500F, 630F, 770F, or 842F
  • COMPATIBILITY Herbs, Concentrates
  • WARRANTY 3 Year Limited Warranty with Manufacturer, 1 Month Warranty on Atomizer with Manufacturer
  • MATERIALS Titanium & Quartz Heating Buckets,Glass Bubbler,Plastic Exterior
  • KEY FEATURES Water Filtration,Dual Use,iOS App

The Focus V Carta 2 is a colourful e-rig made to give you the option to create your perfect session. The new Oled tactile digital display, upgraded atomizer for oil, and the amount of options it provides make this device a pioneer when it comes to vaporizer technology. The Carta 2 works with a mobile app that will allow you to customize your session to fit your preferences.

  • ORIGINS China
  • BATTERY 2S lipo 10A 2000mah/ 14.8Wh
  • BATTERY LIFE 20-25 Cycles Per Charge
  • HEAT TIME <30 Seconds
  • HEATING STYLE Conduction
  • TEMPERATURE 60°C, 332°C, 410°C and 450°C/ Precise temperature control with app
  • WARRANTY 1 Year Limited Warranty with Manufacturer
  • MATERIALS Plastic Exterior, Glass Mouthpiece
  • KEY FEATURES Mobile App Customization, Dual Use, Larger Atomizer.


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