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Chikamasa Shears / Pruners / Scissors (Curved + Straight)

Chikamasa Shears / Pruners / Scissors (Curved + Straight)

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The Chikamasa T550S is viral. Stainless steel, torsion spring, and a long 48 mm blade sets these Chikamasa trim scissors apart from all the rest.

Made popular by reputable large scale indoor farmers across the country the T550S Chikamasa scissors are a smash. Whether reaching into the canopy of your home garden, or newly permitted commercial farm, you will love this versatile masterpiece from Osaka Japan.


With ergonomic comfort of the curved Chikamasa scissor, the NEW CRI550SRF! Made from the highest quality stainless steel, this scissor offers a true curved blade! The CRI550SRF from Chikamasa features the innovative Fluorine Coating, a sap resistant layer, which prevents buildup on the scissors blades. This means longer use of scissors between cleanings, to allow for more proficiency for even the most elite user.

  • Total Length: 157mm
  • Blade Length: 35mm
  • Weight: 47g
  • Blade: high-quality stainless steel / fluorine coating
  • Grip: ABS
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