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Clear Self Watering Pot

Clear Self Watering Pot

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No need to water your plants everyday! This clear, self watering planter ensures that your plants get enough water to thrive! You can now go on vacations and business trips and come home to beautiful, vibrant plants!

Why Clear Self-Watering Pots?

  • No need to water your plants everyday!
  • Ensures your plants get enough water for days!
  • Double-layer design!
  • Allows excess water to be stored!
  • Provides water when needed!
  • Clear and durable transparent plastic!
  • Suitable for anywhere- home, office, indoor, outdoor, and more!


  • Fill the bottom part with water and place your place in the top white pot!
  • The cotton rope is placed underneath the inner pot to absorb the water and bring it up to your plant! 
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