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Coconut Water Powder (Freeze Dried)

Coconut Water Powder (Freeze Dried)

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Coconut Water Powder is excellent for seed soaks, soil drenches, and as a foliar spray! No Fillers or starches, just pure all natural freeze dried coconut water powder!

Why Freeze Dried Coconut Water Powder?

  • Excellent for seed soaks and soil drenches!
  • Organic coconut powder!
  • Buffers against dehydration and disease!
  • Great as a foliar spray!
  • No fillers or starches!
  • Pure, all natural coconut water powder!
  • Promotes chelation and nutrient uptake!

Directions For Use:

  • 2-4 grams per gallon (or 1/2 - 1 teaspoon per gallon of water)

Coconut water also has gibberellic acid, which promotes root formation in clones. Watering the medium with coconut water before inserting clones will accelerate root development of cuttings.

Once roots form, the intense vitamin and mineral rush from the surrounding medium boosts growth. The same goes for seed germination. Germinate seeds using 15ml/litre of coconut water for rapid root development. If using paper towels, check the seeds more often as lateral shoots can bury into the paper quickly. Pulling the seeds away can cause damage to these fine roots. Put seeds in a grow medium before the primary root gets too long.

Apart from giberellic acid, coconut water also has cytokinins, which are enzymes which signal the root cells to divide and develop more roots (cytokinesis). The sooner water and nutrients are synthesized by the growing plant, the better. A healthy and large rhizosphere means more nutrients and water are available to the growing plants. Cytokinins also signal cell division and rapid growth of new shoots in the plant above ground, and accelerate growth of lateral shoots. They also stimulate leaf expansion and promote larger leaf stomata. Combining these features means explosive growth in the plant.

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