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Compost (Leaf, Fish, Blend & Trio)

Compost (Leaf, Fish, Blend & Trio)

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Leaf compost, or 'litter', is a respected contributor to your soil structure, as well as being a great source of fungal hyphae. It does not contribute as much nutritionally as other composts do, but as a base for fungal growth, it cannot be beat.

Equivalency measurement- 1 cu ft weighs approximately 44 lbs.

Fish compost is produced from the fish offal from an organic fish farm in the clean waters of the North Channel. It is mixed with sawdust from the lumber industry for its carbon content, and then is taken through as extensive composting process. We have tested and used this product ourselves, and find it to be an excellent compost.

Equivalency Measurement- 1 cu ft is approximately 30 lbs, depending on moisture content.

Compost Blend: We have reviewed and tested many different composts over the years and not many of them have made it past our scrutiny. This is because the compost 'industry' here in the province is in its early stages, with many producers equating broken down organic matter to compost.

However, making good compost is as much an art as it is a process. Once you have broken down the organic matter, you then need to build up the humus content, as this humus, as well as a good, diverse aerobic biology is where the value lies.

We found a fellow not long ago who lives to make compost and has been doing so for over a decade. In fact, he was studying under Elaine Ingham before she gained her current, well deserved status.

His product is produced in reasonably small batches, and he personally does all of the sourcing of materials, collection, mixing, piling and turning. The result is very biologically active product that is a balance of both bacterial and fungal life.

We are very pleased to be able to offer this alongside our other favourite, our fish compost. With its rich biology, this is a great product for making compost teas!

Equivalency Measurement- 20 weighs approximately 30 lbs depending upon the moisture content.

Compost Trio:  This is a blend consisting of worm castings, leaf compost, and fish compost. it brings a bit from all 3 components and creates one easy to grab option. We were pleasantly surprised with how nice this mix turned out! It has a very nice texture and consistency that will work well for top dressing, building soil, brewing teas and any other uses.

We will be offering this in smaller formats as we are currently blending this in smaller batches.

Approved for organic use.

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