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Mumm's Sprouting Seeds

Mumm's Sprouting Seeds Buckwheat

Mumm's Sprouting Seeds Buckwheat

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Buckwheat (Hulls On)

The microgreens are often referred to as buckwheat lettuce for their fresh, lettuce-like flavour.

Consumption of very large amounts of buckwheat greens as juice has been linked to temporary photosensitization of skin. Until more information is available, we recommend moderate use.

Days to Sprout:  10 to 12 Days
Soak Time: 6-12 hours
Yield: 1/2 cup of dry seed yields approx. 5 cups of sprouts.
Method: Soil Only
Storage: Our seeds should sprout well for a year after you purchase them, if stored in a cool dry place. If you’d like to extend the germination life of your seeds, store them in the fridge. If you store your seeds in the freezer, they’ll last even longer!

Sprouting Directions: 

Soak: Using a tray with drainage holes, rinse enough seed to cover the bottom of the tray. Soak the seed for 4-12 hours. Use a jar with a sprouting lid for soaking if the tray holes are too large. Drain, rinse and drain holding at an angle to remove excess water. Spread the seed evenly on the bottom of the tray and cover with a lid top and bottom or put in plastic bag. 
Rinse: Rinse with cold water twice a day, using either a gentle flow from a tap, dipping in a sink, or spraying. Drain thoroughly.
Grow:  The roots will form a mat from which the microgreens will emerge. At that point, put in indirect sunlight, florescent/LED lights or grow lights. The watering is then easy: fill the container 1 cm deep with water and allow to sit for a few seconds in the water and then tilt on an angle to decant the water until only some moisture is remaining in the root area. Continue to rinse twice a day as described above.
Harvest & Enjoy! Typically, microgreens grown without soil are harvested at 7-10 days. Harvest before the next expected rinse so the shoots are dry. Harvest microgreens using scissors or knife! 

Instead of harvesting all at once, you can start to harvest microgreens as soon as the first two leaves are spread out. Take only what you need for your meal and allow the rest to keep growing or put the tray in the fridge loosely covered and a plastic bag or dome to harvest.


Did you know? While many people think that buckwheat is a cereal grain, it is actually a fruit seed that is related to rhubarb and sorrel making it a suitable substitute for grains for people who are sensitive to wheat or other grains that contain protein glutens. (NOTE: Mumm's cannot guarantee that buckwheat has not come into contact with other grains during the manufacturing process.)

Note on photosensitization-  information as of August 20, 04 – There is some information indicating that buckwheat shoots in large quantities may cause a reversible photosensitization that includes uncomfortable symptoms. We are currently recommending moderate consumption of buckwheat shoots, and complete avoidance if any light sensitivity occurs. A short article by Gilles Arbour, discoverer of this problem, is available at There is a link to further very detailed information. Aug 15/11- Since first posting this warning in 2004, Mumm's have continued to enjoy buckwheat shoots on a regular basis without any of the above symptoms, nor have any of their customers reported any negative symptoms.

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