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Cronk Armadillo Armour (Monosilicic Acid) (Plant Growth Enhancer)

Cronk Armadillo Armour (Monosilicic Acid) (Plant Growth Enhancer)

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Unlock Your Plant's Full Potential

Armadillo Armour is an innovative monosilicate additive engineered to amplify your plants' growth, resilience, and nutrient uptake. Just a little goes a long way with this highly concentrated formula!

Cost-Effective and Efficient

With just 0.50mL to 1mL per gallon of water, Armadillo Armour provides exceptional value while ensuring that your plants receive optimal levels of monosilicate. Ideal for both novice gardeners and commercial growers.

Unparalleled Benefits:

  • Enhanced Growth: Significantly boosts cellular structure and leaf strength, leading to more robust plants.
  • Disease Resistance: Fortifies your plants' natural defences against pests and diseases.
  • Nutrient Uptake: Improves the efficiency of nutrient uptake, ensuring your plants get all the nutrients they need.
  • Adaptable: Suitable for various growth mediums, including soil, coco, and hydro systems.
  • Sustainable: A natural and environmentally friendly solution that respects both the planet and your plants.

Discover the benefits of Armadillo Armour and take your gardening experience to the next level!


Important: Always mix in Armadillo Armour first before adding other nutrients or products to avoid nutrient lockout. Armadillo Armour will also lower the pH level of your solution. Make sure to check and adjust the pH accordingly after mixing.

For optimal results, add Armadillo Armour to your nutrient mix 1 to 2 times per week.

  • General Use: Add 0.50mL or 1.00mL of Armadillo Armour per gallon of water.
  • For Foliar Application: Blend 0.25mL of Armadillo Armour per gallon of water.
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