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Cronk Grow Nutrients

Cronk Bonnie Grow & Clyde Bloom (Autoflower)

Cronk Bonnie Grow & Clyde Bloom (Autoflower)

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Cronk Grow Nutrients Bonnie Grow

Bonnie has high nitrogen which is crucial when a new auto flower is establishing itself and starting to grow leaves, stems, roots, and other above and below-ground features!

Why CGN Bonnie Grow (6-5-4)?

  • Establishes leaves and stems!
  • Encourages the perfect root zone!
  • Increases growth!
  • Gives just the right amount of nitrogen!

If your auto flower doesn’t receive enough Nitrogen it can significantly slow down its growth and can grow weak and pale! Bonnie is great because it has all the nitrogen you need to get your plant through the vegetative stage without worrying about too much Nitrogen!

Cronk Grow Nutrients Clyde Bloom

During the flowering stage, Clyde brings out those beautiful colors and smells we all love so much! He uses the work Bonnie did at the start to finish off the job. With auto flowers, the number one mistake growers make is not feeding them enough during this stage. Clyde is a 3-6-5 (NPK)

Why CGN Clyde Bloom (3-6-5)?

  • Beautiful colours and aroma!
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