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Current Culture H2O

Current Culture H2O Multi Mod Growth Module & Accessories

Current Culture H2O Multi Mod Growth Module & Accessories

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The CCH2O Multi Mod Growth Module is the most versatile and durable hydroponic growth module available. The Multi-Mod’s heavy-duty construction is suitable for use in greenhouse and outdoor environments. The specialized design includes a recessed drain well allowing for full drain out, making it perfect for use in a variety of applications such as: RDWC, DWC, Aero, Coco coir, Drip, Soilless, Ebb n Flow and any type of DIY application. No other hydroponic bucket on the market offers more versatility or reliability than the CCH2O Multi Mod.

  • The DIY Solution for Any Application
  • Compatible with All CCH2O Parts
  • Recessed Drain Well for Full Drain-Out
  • Universal ¾” Plumbing Interface
  • Exterior Water Level Marks
  • Greenhouse Grade Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Smooth Interior for Easy Cleaning
  • Raised Body for Thermal Cooling
  • Includes Module Plug Kit with Hose Connection
  • Available in 8-gallon and 13-gallon sizes
  • Made in California
  • Recyclable
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