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Cyco Swell (1-5-3)

Cyco Swell (1-5-3)

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Cyco Platinum Series Swell is an additive that is used solely in the flowering stage of growth, specifically only the last three weeks before harvest. Cyco Swell utilizes suitable amounts of the highest quality phosphates available during the last three weeks of a plants flowering or fruiting stage to provide the very best harvest size and quality. Phosphorus is a key element in increasing stalk and stem strength while improving fruit and flower production during a plants reproductive cycle.

Cyco Swell is a complementary source of potassium as well. In the flowering stage of a plants growth, potassium works to bring sugars into the various parts of the visible plant which includes the fruit allowing for naturally sweeter harvests.

Why Cyco Swell (1-5-3)?

  • Maximizes the bloom cycle to its full potential
  • Guaranteed largest blooms
  • Outperforms the opposition in taste and aroma
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