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Diablo Nutrients

Diablo Nutrients Monster Gold (0-0-3)

Diablo Nutrients Monster Gold (0-0-3)

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Diablo Nutrients Monster Gold (0-0-3) is a pure organic extract product which captures nutrients and delivers them inside the plant through the root system or via the leaf as a foliar feed. It's a light molecular weight substance which is easily carried inside the plant cell walls and is highly oxygenated. This product is outstanding for use on Medical plants.

Why Monster Gold (0-0-3)?

  • Captures nutrients and delivers them through the roots or leaves as a foliar feed
  • Light molecular weight- easily carried inside the plant cells
  • Outstanding for use on medical plants
  • Highly oxygenated substance

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Soluble Potash (K2O): 3.0%

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