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Diablo Nutrients

Diablo Nutrients Monster Maxx

Diablo Nutrients Monster Maxx

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Monster Maxx is a new level technology in plant science! Developed to promote microbial growth in the root zone which stimulates active new root development, essential to a top-performing plant!

Why Monster Maxx?

  • Promotes microbial growth in the root zone!
  • Stimulates active root development!
  • Creates a perfect host environment!
  • Registered by Health Canada!
  • Safe and economical to use!

Maxx is a powerful one-two punch by combining two compatible bacteria strains to create a perfect host environment for the root zone of plants. Maxx is a biostimulant registered by Health Canada for use on organic plants and other plants and is safe and economical to use.

Registration number: 2020036A

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