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Digital CO2 Controller Fuzzy Logic

Digital CO2 Controller Fuzzy Logic

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The APCECOD will control Carbon Dioxide (CO2) with part-per-million accuracy. The controller features a remote combination probe that has light sensor and a highly accurate NDIR CO2 sensor. The remote combination sensor is designed to quickly react to changes in the growing area and to resist EMI/EFI from electronic ballasts. The remote sensor can be placed up to 15 feet from the controller.

The APCECOD has a standard power receptacle to connect to your CO2 device. The APCECOD can be set to increase CO2 or to decrease CO2 levels.

NOTE: An optional 15' extension cable can be purchased to allow the user to place the remote sensor up to 30' from the controller.


  • Securetheunittoawall.

  • Determinethebestlocationfortheremoteprobe.Placetheprobeinanareawithgoodair movement preferably at plant height. Avoid placing the probe in direct sunlight or under direct HID lighting.

    NOTE: Do not place the sensor probe where it will come in to contact with water. The probe is NOT WATERPROOF.

  • Theremoteprobehasaquickdisconnecttoeasilyremoveorconnecttheprobe.Securethe quick disconnect to the unit by securing the QD screw to the unit.

  • Plugthemainpowercableintoastandard(120V)NEMA5-15walloutlet.(NOTE:TheincludedAC adapter is only for use in conjunction with an exhaust fan. If you have a sealed room and are not using an exhaust fan, do not plug in the AC adapter.)

  • Turnthepoweronandallowittowarmup.Thistakesabout5minutes.Duringthewarmup period, the display will read CO2 heat. NOTE: Now is the time to customize your settings prior to connecting any equipment.

  • Ensurethatthedevicebeingconnectedtothecontrollerhasthepropervoltageandwillnot exceed the maximum amperage rating of this unit.

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