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Drain Fitting

Drain Fitting

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More information about Drain Fitting Screen Threaded & Not Threaded (10 / Pk)

Screen fitting 1". This fitting is used for the flood/drain cycle in flood tables. The screened design allows nutrient solution to flow freely during flooding while preventing growing media from the table from getting into the pump and reservoir during draining.

11" W x 2" H x 6" L
Weight: 0.5 lbs

More information about Drain Fitting 1 / 2" Tub Outlet (10 / Pk)

Made from super durable, high-quality plastic that’s heavier and thicker than the competition’s, these threaded Ebb & Flow fittings are the superior choice for your reservoir and flood table irrigation setups.

11" W x 3" H x 7" L
Weight: 0.9 lb

More information about Drain Fitting 1" Tub Outlet (10 / Pk)

1" fill/drain fitting. This is the fitting that is commonly used to transfer nutrient solution between the flood table and the reservoir in flood & drain hydroponic systems via 1" tubing and a pump.

12.5"W x 3" H x 7" L
Weight: 1 lb

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