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Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat Cactus Soil (5L)

Dutch Treat Cactus Soil (5L)

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Dutch Treat Cactus Soil stimulates vigorous growth for greater stress resistance and larger root systems to keep your cacti healthy! It's organic-based and gradually feeds up for up to 3 months! It also provides optimized air porosity and fast water-draining qualities!

Why Dutch Treat Cactus Soil Mix 5L?

  • Proper drainage!
  • Stimulates vigorous growth!
  • Greater stress resistance!
  • Larger root system!
  • Increased nutrient and water uptake!
  • Organic-based fertilizer!
  • Gradually feeds plants for up to 3 months!

Note: Excess soil moisture can cause root rot. Do not over water.

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