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Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat Micro Tip Bonsai Shear (Pruner) (40 mm)

Dutch Treat Micro Tip Bonsai Shear (Pruner) (40 mm)

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A traditional style tool, Bonsai shears are useful as a combination garden, flower, and greenhouse tool; and is the best type of shear for cutting capillary roots. Its stout blades are excellent for light branch cutting and general Bonsai trimming.

Why Dutch Treat Bonsai Shears?

  • Stout blades!
  • Great for fine-trimming!
  • Ultra-light!
  • Surgical titanium blades!
  • High-precision!

It is useful in the garden and for floral applications as well as for Bonsai maintenance. How did you ever manage without them? This tool is ultra light, made from 40mm surgical titanium blades. For any fine trimming job, this precision garden tool will do the trick.

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