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Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat Peat Moss (10L)

Dutch Treat Peat Moss (10L)

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Dutch Treat Peat Moss is one of nature's finest moisture retainers and soil conditioners. For use in planters, dish gardens, bulb growing, and more!

Why Dutch Treat Peat Moss?

  • One of nature's finest moisture retainers!
  • An excellent soil conditioner!
  • Improves soil texture & consistency!
  • Ideal for acid (pH) loving plants!
  • Releases moisture to plant roots when needed!
  • Holds nutrients so they aren't rinsed out when watering!
  • For use in planters, dish gardens, bulb growing, and much more!

It has a remarkable ability to efficiently manage water and hold on to nutrients that would otherwise leach out of the soil. While performing these amazing tasks, it also improves the texture and consistency of the soil. Gardeners use peat moss mainly as a soil amendment or ingredient in potting soil. It has an acid pH, so it’s ideal for acid loving plants, such as blueberries and camellias.

Peat moss is an important component of most potting soils and seed starting mediums. It holds several times its weight in moisture, and releases the moisture to the plants roots as needed. It also holds onto nutrients so that they aren’t rinsed out of the soil when you water the plant.

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