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Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat Perlite

Dutch Treat Perlite

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Each pellet of Dutch Treat Perlite is filled with tiny holes which store air, food, and moisture for the hungry thirsty roots of your young plant. An ideal medium for planting seeds, cuttings, and every growing thing.

Why Dutch Treat Perlite?

  • Greatly improves aeration!
  • Modifies the soil substructure!
  • Creates the optimal root environment!
  • Biologically-active to improve nutrient availability!
  • Keeps soil loose, well-draining, and defying compaction!
  • Improves root formation!
  • Ideal for planting seeds, cuttings, and every growing thing!


Place 1 inch of perlite in the bottom of planters to provide good drainage. Perlite can be mixed with earth, peat, charcoal, and other media to assist your plant in its growth. The finest material is known for aeration, drainage, and storing of moisture and plant food.

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