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Earth Juice

Earth Juice Sugar Peak Vegetative Plant Food (3-1-5)

Earth Juice Sugar Peak Vegetative Plant Food (3-1-5)

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The special feature of the Sugar Peak line is the built-in convenience of a single, 1 part (1 bottle) formulas!

Why Earth Juice Sugar Peak Vegetative?

  • For energetic stem and leaf growth!
  • Recommended for foliage, plants, leafy vegetables!
  • Contains molasses and eliminates any carbohydrate supplements!
  • Formulated for use on indoor or outdoor plants in soil and hydroponic systems!

Sugar Peak’s natural- molasses based liquid formulations are easily adaptable to a variety of plant requirements and growing environments and are the ideal choice for those who demand premium results without the hassle and mess of mixing multiple bottles together For indoor/outdoor plants, soil and hydroponics!

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