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Earth Juice

Earth Juice Xatalyst (Natural Plant Food) (0.03-0.01-0.10)

Earth Juice Xatalyst (Natural Plant Food) (0.03-0.01-0.10)

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HydroOrganics Earth Juice Xatalyst is a premium organic supplement that aids in plant growth and production. It encourages compact branching, stimulates optimal fruiting sites and triggers early yields. Contains enzymes, hormones, vitamins, amino acids, nutrients and surfactants to complete your fertilization program. Highly recommended for use with indoor and outdoor plants, soil and hydroponics. Best to use in conjunction with NPK fertilizers.

N 0.03% - P 0.01% - K 0.10%

  • Encourages compact branching and opulent fruiting sites
  • Product may settle. Shake vigorously
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