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Emerald Harvest

Emerald Harvest King Kola (0.3-2-3)

Emerald Harvest King Kola (0.3-2-3)

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Powerful Bloom Booster

Get the most benefit from every flower in your garden with Emerald Harvest® King Kola®. A powerful bloom booster designed to create bigger, denser blossoms, King Kola® provides the essential elements your crops need to burst forth in heavy buds and flowers. It’s high in phosphorus and potassium, so using King Kola® helps drive budding faster, easier and better than using base nutrients alone.

King Kola® also contains yield-boosting nitrogen derived from hemp seed flour, a nutrient-rich, all-natural source of numerous essential elements and complex metabolic compounds. The inclusion of hemp seed flour in the King Kola® formulation is a first in the hydroponics industry. No other nutrient supplement on the market contains it. 

Why King Kola (0.3-2-3)?

  • Creates bigger, denser, blossoms
  • Provides essential elements to burst forth
  • Heavier buds and flowers
  • More abundant and productive budding sites
  • Weightier buds, fruits and flowers for bigger yields
  • Naturally occurring, vegetable-based proteins
  • Earth-friendly- hemp seed flour is 100% natural and almost 25% protein

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