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Enzymes Komplete

Enzymes Komplete (Natural Cleaner)

Enzymes Komplete (Natural Cleaner)

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Enzymes Komplete Natural Enzymatic Cleaner is the cleaning solution for your entire garden!

Why Enzymes Komplete?

  • Wide-spectrum natural enzmatic cleaner!
  • Uniquely cleans, cleanses and reconditions!
  • Concentrated formula!

Use Enzymes Komplete™ Natural Enzymatic Cleaner for reconditioning growing media; for treating chemical, nutrient, and salts lockout; for cleaning and cleansing your garden’s soil less systems, water equipment, cloning machines, and trimming machines; and for general maintenance!


  • Clean, cleanse, and recondition growing media!
  • Clean and cleanse soil less systems!
  • Clean water pumps, piping, reservoirs, and dosing systems!
  • Clean drip emitters!
  • Clean cloning machines!
  • Clean and cleanse trimming machines and equipment!
  • Clean hand tools and instruments!
  • For general maintenance!
  • For disease prevention and healing!
  • For treating chemical, nutrient, and salts lockout like the presence and scent of mint!
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