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Fibrgro Buffered Open Top Grow & 50L Bag (Coco)

Fibrgro Buffered Open Top Grow & 50L Bag (Coco)

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The Fibrgro Open Top Bag is designed to be used both as a propagation unit and a growing unit in the greenhouse. The Fibrgro Open Top Bag allows to propagate larger plants and it brings immediate cost savings for the grower as this product has a double function (propagation cube and growbag in one).

Why Fibrgro Open Top Bags(40/60) & (50/50) Mix?

  • Pre-made drainage slits and plant holes!
  • Suitable for propagating and growing!
  • Plants can be propagated on both floors and tables!
  • Especially designed for commercial growing facilities!
  • Made from coir husks!
  • 40% coir chips / 60% coir pith
  • 50% coir chips / 50% coir pith
  • Compostable and biodegradable!

The plants are planted directly into the substrate in which they grow, and therefore do not need to be replanted. This allows for a prolonged propagation phase in which the grower can grow larger plants that go into production sooner.

Fibrgro Premium Coco 50L, is a loose coco coir substrate of the highest quality. At every step of our production process, the strictest quality control measures are employed to ensure that our product will deliver amazing results for our customers.
Fibrgro Premium Coco is proud to displays the RHP stamp of quality on all ours bags. The RHP Dutch Standard of quality for horticultural substrates, ensures a strictly monitored quality insurance that will give you constant proven results. Only premium coco media products carry the Dutch seal of approval.

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