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FloraFlex Incubator (Tray, Coco Plugs, & Dome)

FloraFlex Incubator (Tray, Coco Plugs, & Dome)

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Now available! The FloraFlex® Incubator™ Kit includes the full Incubator™ System of components. It has been designed to accelerate growth through patent-pending aerated convection. Together the Bottom Tray and the Dome can be completely sealed, or allow airflow using our signature airflow lifts. The 50 Cell – 40|40 Insert Tray nests inside the system with easy to grab and lift handles.

Why The Flora Flex Incubator?

  • Designed to accelerate growth!
  • Patent-pending aerated convection!
  • Allows airflow through their signature airflow lifts!
  • Easy to graph!
  • Lift handles!

FloraFlex FloraFoam Incubator Plugs 40|40 is a  specialized media density and fine cell structure with uniform moisture and hydroponic nutrients throughout the foam media. Boosts both root growth and top growth of seedlings. Ideal air to water ratio for fast germination and rooting.- Sterile media allows for a clean, pathogen and pest free start  Specialized media density allows for fast and easy root penetration

Why Flora Foam Incubator Plugs?

  • Roots remain undisturbed during transplant, eliminating plant shock.
  • Nutrients absorbed more efficiently with the vigorous root systems
  • Fast root development helps achieve maximum scheduling flexibility
  • No fertilizer added to allow for total hydroponic nutrition control
  • Use with overhead irrigation or sub-irrigation
  • Easy to separate cubes.- Compatible with Incubator™ 50 Cell - 40|40 Insert Tray 1.25"
  • Use under the Patented Incubator™ Dome as part of the FloraFlex® Incubator™ System
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