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FloraFlex Master Lighting Controller *

FloraFlex Master Lighting Controller *

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FloraFlex's lighting controller is compatible with our LED lights as well as many others, it allows you to control 100 fixtures per zone, so with both zones you can control up to 200 lights.


  • Output Range: 10%-115%
  • Numbers of ballasts per output: 100 pcs Max
  • Max cable length per group: 100 meters
  • Control voltage outputs: 2 Group s, A/ B
  • Temperature sensor: 2 Group s, A/ B
  • Over heat protection: Yes
  • Sunrise/sunset period: Yes
  • Setup ballast type: 1000W/945W/750W/630W/600W/500W/315W/Not Sure
  • Alarm port: 2 Groups, NO/NC
  • ECM port: 2 Groups, A/B;
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Weight: 0.5kg
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