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FloraFlex Nylon Valve

FloraFlex Nylon Valve

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Flora Flex Nylon Valve pump allows you to break sections of your garden into zones to maintain optimum and consistent feed.

Why FloraFlex Nylon Valves?

  • Allows for optimum and consistent feed!
  • Lets you break sections of your gardens into zones!
  • On/Off automatic setting!
  • Easy to use lever!
  • Female pipe thread inlet!
  • Outlet inline irrigation valve!

New Nylon Valves:

Key Features
Patent-pending design with On, Off, and Automatic settings
Easy-to-use lever for seamless mode switching
Female pipe thread inlet and outlet for secure and leak-free connection
24V AC solenoid for reliable and consistent performance
Flow rate range: 0.5-44 GPM
Pressure range: 15-150 PSI (1.0-10.3 bar)
Thread Size: 3/4 & 1"

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