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FloraFlex QuickFill Bags

FloraFlex QuickFill Bags

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Enjoy the convenience of your organic coco and pot all in one. We believe the Quick Fill bags to be a huge staple product in the future of our industry, so with that in mind we set out to provide the best possible bag on the market!

Introducing FloraFlex® Quick Fill™ an all-in-one coco system featuring the consistency of Char Coir. The Char Coir is washed 3 times with an EC ≤ 0.06 and completely biodegradable. Take the guesswork out of feeding with this premium product. These come as compressed and the bricks expand to become a grow bag. These bags are perfectly sized to allow for the FloraFlex® Caps to fit inside the top.

Why Flora Flex Quick Fill Bags?

  • Convenient all-in-one!
  • Completely biodegradable!
  • Perfectly sized for FloraFlex Caps to fit!

When expanding your organic coco use your regular vegetative nutrient solution and double the recommended use of the desired cal-mag. And if you do use any, this is also a great time to inoculate your medium with your desired microbial.

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