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FloraFlex Disc Filters

FloraFlex Disc Filters

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FloraFlex’s Disc Filter’s are constructed from UV-resistant, heavy duty plastic material to withstand the most adverse condition. 3/4” or 1" male pipe thread connections on each end of the filter for easy installation. The disc filters’ three-dimensional filtration mechanism consists of plastic grooved discs compressed and stacked together on a plastic spine to form the cylindrical filter element. Sediments and debris accumulate on the outer face of the stacked discs, allowing clean water to flow through the stacked discs and out of the filter. FloraFlex’s low maintenance disc filters provide in-depth filtration to extend the lifetime of your FloraFlex irrigation system.


  • Easy maintenance; the discs can be extracted for cleaning
  • Constructed of UV-resistant, durable plastic material to withstand the most adverse conditions
  • Discs have excellent resistance to most common chemicals used in drip irrigation applications
  • Ideal for large irrigation zones that require a lower flow rate
  • 120 mesh/130 micron filtration level
  • Max recommended flow: 26 gpm
  • Large Filtration area: 28 in2
  • Recommended Installation: Install after a valve or shut-off point, where the filter will not be under constant pressure.

Download the FloraFlex® How To Grow Guide! Or click here for additional How To Grow information.

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