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FORIJ Royal Flush Monotub Mix & Grow Master Sterile Grain

FORIJ Royal Flush Monotub Mix & Grow Master Sterile Grain

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Royal Flush

Pre-mixed, perfectly hydrated to field capacity, and sterile. These coco-coir-based bulk substrates have been prepped with a secret recipe that is guaranteed to make your dung-loving fungi swoon and produce big flushes!

We recommend a 1:2-1:3 mix of grain spawn to FORIJ Royal Flush monotub mix, by weight. You can also inoculate royal flush substrates, with grain spawn, in their bags, as they come with a breathable filter patch. Bags have been pressure cooked for 3 hours at 15PSI, and our farmers have been using them to grow button mushrooms as well as other dung-loving species for years.

Indefinite shelf life and perfectly sterile.

*Does not contain mushroom culture. Recommended specifically for dung-loving species of mycelium rather than hardwood-loving types.

Grow Master Sterile Grain

Each bag is 3.5lbs of sterile, perfectly hydrated whole oats. A self-healing injection port for liquid culture injections on each bag. Grow Master Sterile Grain is perfect for making your own master grain spawn with Forij liquid culture or Petri dishes to inoculate bulk substrate and cultivate gourmet mushrooms. Ensure to only add 1-2cc of liquid culture as too much culture may make the grain soggy. If using liquid culture pull apart sides of bag (without opening) to maximize air flow.

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