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Future Harvest

Future Harvest Royal Gold

Future Harvest Royal Gold

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The full benefits of Royal Gold are too numerous to list, but simply put, this interesting plant additive increases nutrient uptake in plants. Royal Gold changes fertilizer salts on a molecular level and makes them more bioavailable to the plant, a kind of digestion aid.

Amongst Royal Gold's many other benefits are: the elimination of waste from the plant, almost like a detox, making the produce taste better; it helps in drought or under watering situations and increases resilience to stressful temperature fluctuations, both of which are common problems with indoor crops. Research suggests that under watered plants recover quicker with applied Royal Gold because of increased enzyme and antioxidant activity, and the plants also copes with a lack of water better.

It also became evident that the growth and quality of normally well watered plants improves when Royal Gold is used all the way through the plants cycle.

Benefits + Features:

Royal Gold increases nutrient uptake meaning growers retain optimal levels of expensive P-K additives with better results.

Excellent value because of low dilution rate, only 2ml per litre.

Can be used on all crops and in any medium, system or situation.

Instructions for Use:

  • Use as a nutrient add-on or as a foliar application for instant results.
  • BASIC FEEDING Directions: Use 8mL per 4L as an addition to your nutrient solution.
  • Foliar Spray: 8mL per 4L
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