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Gaia Green Worm Castings (2-0-0)

Gaia Green Worm Castings (2-0-0)

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Gaia Green Worm Castings are the unprocessed manure of earthworms. This all-purpose fertilizer is high in organic matter and adds essential nutrients to the soil to encourage strong plant growth. Apply as a top dressing, side dressing, or work into the soil for outstanding growth. Recommended for household plants, urban gardens, lawns, golf courses, nurseries, and greenhouses.

Why Gaia Worm Castings?

  • Premium vermicompost produced with African nightcrawlers fed a diet of peat moss and organic grains
  • Loaded with beneficial micro-organisms to enhance nutrient availability to improve soil quality
  • High organic matter content improves soil nutrient and water holding capacity
  • Improves soil structure, which enhances aeration, porosity and drainage properties
  • Source of slowly released nutrients

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis

  • Total Nitrogen (N): 2.0%
  • Sulfur (S): 0.14%

Directions For Use

  • Plants: Apply a handful or two prior to water at the base of the plant stem or spread across the surface and gently scratch it in. Can be used from start to finish as it is a gentle fertilizer for your plants and you will benefit from increased soil biology
  • Garden and Landscape: Mix 2 L per m2 (½ gal. per 10 ft2) once per month. Transplanting: Mix 5 – 10% Gaia Green Worm Castings with soil or growing medium.
  • Lawn: Apply up to 2.8 kg per 10 m2 annually.
  • House plant maintenance: Add 50 mL per 4 L of soil (3 tbsp per 1 gal.) every month as required.
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