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Grassroots Living Soil Fabric Beds (1" PVC PIPE NOT INCLUDED)

Grassroots Living Soil Fabric Beds (1" PVC PIPE NOT INCLUDED)

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Grassroots Fabric Pots® are durable, high-quality planters, made 100% in the USA!

The high-strength fabric is custom-made exclusively for Grassroots by a US manufacturer. Their planters are sewn with marine-bonded thread (also USA-made), and they are sewn together at their facility in Sacramento, CA.

Why Grass Roots Living Soil Fabric Beds?

  • Safe for your plants!
  • BPA-free and chemically inert fabric!
  • Your soil and environment won't be affected by the materials in the planters!
  • Promotes higher yields!
  • Increased aeration provided by fabric pots!
  • Promotes healthy soil biology and a dynamic root system!
  • The seams along the bottom of these pots are sewn on the outside to keep them stronger over time!
  • Sizes 30 Gal and up have a triple hem on the top for added strength!

What’s Included?

  • Fabric Bed
  • PVC Pipe Fittings
  • Screws
  • 1" PVC Pipe (*NOT INCLUDED)

Unlike other fabric beds on the market, Grassroots fabric beds are reinforced with PVC pipe* for durability that matches that of wooden raised beds. Plus, you can choose to add a trellis to your Grassroots fabric bed with PVC trellis fittings.

PVC pipe is required and must be purchased separately based on the dimensions of each bed.

Raed here on how to assemble a fabric bed!

True Dimensions:

  • 2' x 4': 22 x 46 x 18"
  • 3' x 3': 33 x 33 x 18"
  • 4' x 4': 46 x 46 x 18"
  • 4' x 8': 46 x 94 x 18"
  • 3' x 6': 33 x 70 x 18"
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