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Grassroots Living Soil Pots (With Liner)

Grassroots Living Soil Pots (With Liner)

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Pots Designed to Simulate Nature!

Why Grass Roots Living Soil Pots?

  • BPA-free, waterproof MoistureLock™ liner with incredible benefits!
  • 4” drainage and aeration strip of tan fabric!
  • Healthier soil and roots!
  • Bottom seam sewn on the outside with marine-bonded thread to prevent rot!
  • A triple hem on top for added strength!

MoistureLock™ is a strip of BPA-free waterproof fabric sewn to the inside of the container that provides many benefits:

  • Directs water downward. This helps to avoid dry pockets in the soil.
  • Promotes even moisture throughout the soil. Regular fabric pots dry from the sides. MoistureLock™ prevents that, simulating the way soil dries in nature. This helps the microbiology thrive.
  • Less water usage! There is less surface area for water to escape the container, which means less water usage (lower labor) and lower humidity indoors.
  • Aeration and air pruning comes from the 4” strip of breathable fabric towards the bottom of the container.
MoistureLock™ technology directs moisture to better simulate the way root systems dry in nature. The waterproof fabric prevents water from draining through the sides of the pot and directs water downwards. Living soil benefits greatly from having even moisture throughout. The microbiology needs consistency, and dry pockets disrupt the entire ecosystem. In traditional fabric pots, the soil can dry from the bottom up, which is the opposite of nature’s drying patterns. MoistureLock™ works to help your soil dry from the top down, like it would when growing in-ground. With use of a moisture meter, you will be able to monitor wet/dry cycles for enhanced microbiology and nutrient function.
Traditional fabric pots or beds provide aeration and air pruning, and dry 360° around the container. To keep the awesome benefits these features bring, we leave a 4” aeration strip at the bottom of each pot and bed. This strip prevents roots from circling the bottom of the container and allows air to circulate from below, and water to drain.
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