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Green Planet Nutrients 2 Part Dual Fuel Kit

Green Planet Nutrients 2 Part Dual Fuel Kit

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Green Planet’s simple and effective 2-part nutrient system Dual Fuel is now available in a convenient and ready to use nutrient kit. This brand new kit also comes with some of Green Planet’s top additives to help your plants reach their full potential.

What's Included:

4 Additives:

  1. Vitathrive Propagation Solution (500ml)
  2. Massive Bloom Formulation (500ml)
  3. Liquid Weight (500ml)
  4. Rezin (500ml)

2 Base Nutrients:

  1. Dual Fuel 1 (500ml)
  2. Dual Fuel 2 (500ml)


The GreenPlanet Nutrients 2 Part AutoPot Dual Fuel Starter Kit is our convenient and ready to use kit tailored for use in AutoPot Watering Systems. This starter kit comes with 500ml bottles of Dual Fuel and a selection of our finest additives to help you maximize your yields.

Base Nutrients
1 x 500ml Dual Fuel 1 & 2

Additive Nutrients
1 x 500ml Vitathrive
1 x 500ml Rezin
1 x 500ml PK Spike

For new and experienced cultivators alike, dealing with mixing, pH balancing and complicated feeding schedules can often be a hassle; and in some cases, misuse of liquid nutrients can lead to the detriment of a garden in both yield and quality of the product. Our hyper-concentrated and pH-balanced Dual Fuel formula has been easing the workload in gardens for years since its release in 2016, making it the perfect match for growers already enjoying the benefits of AutoPot’s simple gravity-fed systems. With a watering system that can produce indoor and greenhouse crops with ease, there is now a GreenPlanet Nutrients Feed Program to match.

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