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Green Rush Nutrients

Green Rush Nutrients Leafy Green Grow (Organic)

Green Rush Nutrients Leafy Green Grow (Organic)

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The Leafy Green Grow Plant Nutrient is a certified organic, all-in-one, plant food designed for your plants’ Vegetative or Grow Stage! The nutrient is a simple to use, water-soluble, powder that dissolves easily and is ready to feed after a good mix in water!

Why Leafy Green Grow?

  • Certified organic!
  • All-in-one plant food the growth stage!
  • Simple to use!
  • Water-soluble and easily dissolves!

The taste, quality, flavor, and smell of organics are unmatched when it comes to growing. Although we are not OMRI certified yet, all of the ingredients are OMRI certified and we guarantee you will get the same results as you would with synthetics.

The nutrients are a 9-1.5-7 NPK and contain all the essential ingredients your plant needs to thrive. These ingredients include Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium as well as secondary Calcium and Magnesium, and micro-nutrients including iron, copper, and zinc. With added Kelp and Humic Acids, this nutrient will not only help your plant to grow strong and healthy but will promote strong soil structure, root growth, and improved photo-synthesis.  Our nutrients are derived from Soy Proteins, Rock Phosphate, Kelp, Bone Meal among others. 

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