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GreenStreme Organic Fish Fertilizer

GreenStreme Organic Fish Fertilizer

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High-Performance Organic Fish Fertilizer

GreenStreme® is a high-yield organic fish fertilizer with a patented cold hydrolysis manufacturing process that maximizes retention of fish proteins and oils along with macro and micronutrients!

Why Green Streme Fish Fertilizer?

  • High-yield and organic fertilizer!
  • Patented cold hydrolysis manufacturing process!
  • Maximized retention of fish proteins + oils!
  • OMRI Listed!
  • Low odor!
  • Applicator-friendly!
  • Eco-friendly + non-toxic!

Their unique process maintains the highest concentration and quality of organic matter to boost overall soil health. The natural elements, including the valuable micronutrients and calcium from bone, are preserved in their purest form to promote root and shoot strength and vitality.

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