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Grodan Blocks

Grodan Blocks

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Grodan Delta Block guarantees plant propagators an optimum air/water balance. The variation in small and large pores throughout the block ensures that the roots are always supplied with sufficient air and water.

The water content of the block can be controlled with great precision. The efficient pattern of the pores ensures that water and nutrients are distributed uniformly throughout the block, thereby offering excellent control over both the nutrient solution and the pH.

This promotes development of a strong root system during propagation. The uniform distribution and vertical structure of the fibers results in the same resistance for each root, thereby ensuring that the roots distribute themselves uniformly throughout the block.

Why Delta Blocks?

  • Guarantees optimum air and water balance
  • Ensures that roots are supplied with sufficient water and air
  • Offers excellent control over nutrients and pH
  • Promotes development of a strong root system during propagation
  • Easy irrigation, supporting both vegetative and generative responses
  • Improved vertical water distribution
  • Good reliable response under all circumstances


Grodan Hugo 6 Inch Grow-Block is large enough to grow out most vegetables and some fruits for the entire life span of the plant.  Hugo’s holes are the perfect size for any 1.5” A-OK starter plug or Macroplug.

When your starter has outgrown its home, showing three leaves, or roots reaching one 1” below the cube, Hugo is happy to receive the transplant. Hugo is sold individually with instructions on the wrapping.  Hand water or use with drippers or in Ebb & Flow (Flood) systems.

 Why Grodan Hugo?

  • Large enough to grow most vegetables and fruits for the entire life span
  • Its holes are the perfect size
  • Happy to receive transplant
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