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Grotek Growth Max

Grotek Growth Max

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Kelp has long been known as an incredible natural fertilizer.  GrowthMax™ is a highly concentrated, cold-processed kelp rich in organic compounds and minerals. This product helps plants in all stages to achieve their maximum potential. The carbohydrates found in kelp also help support soil microorganisms, which in turn provide key compounds directly to plant roots. GrowthMax™ is a must in any garden.

Why Grotek Growth Max?

  • Rich in organic compounds and minerals
  • Helps plants in all stages
  • Encourages your plants to reach their maximum potential
  • Supports soil microorganisms
  • Provides key compounds directly to your roots

Application Rate: 1L makes 1000L of solution. Add 1ml per liter of water during growth and early flowering stages to supplement your fertilizer program.

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