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Grotek Worm Castings 20L

Grotek Worm Castings 20L

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Grotek Premium Worm Castings are a humus-rich foundation for desirable soil. This product promotes nutrient availability, improves moisture holding capacity, and enhances soil structure, all of which are key to rapid plant growth. The castings in this bag were created using specific, high-quality feedstocks that are proven to create a premium product that supports beneficial microbes in the soil. 

Why Grotek Worm Castings?

  • Promotes nutrient availability!
  • Improves moisture-holding capacity!
  • Enhances soil structure!
  • Assists with rapid plant growth!
  • Supports beneficial microbes in the soil!

Application Rate: 1 20L bag covers 10 m2. Outdoor Garden Beds: Apply evenly across the surface of the soil at a rate of 5.3 gal (20L) per 100 ft2 (10 m2). Work into the top 2cm of the soil. Indoor & Container Gardening: Mix 5 - 10% into potting soil prior to planting. For existing plants, spread 1cm of compost and worm castings into the top 2cm of the soil. Do not pile around plant stems. Topdressing Turf: Apply lightly across the surface of the lawn using 5.3 gal (20L) per 160 ft2 (15m2). Then, soak into the thatch with water.

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