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Growth Technology

Growth Technology CCS (Clonex Clone Solution)

Growth Technology CCS (Clonex Clone Solution)

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CCS is used on plant cuttings to produce healthy and vigorous plants by feeding them a complete and balanced mineral fertilizer that is more easily absorbed into the plant by a root mass that because of the rooting hormone develops faster and larger than it would normally!


  • For use on stem cuttings
  • Specifically formulated for fast, healthy and vigorous root growth and development
  • Unrivalled results when used in conjunction with Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel.

CCS is a complete and balanced mineral profile acts as a fertilizer for plant cuttings while the rooting hormone ensures rapid root growth, to quickly and efficiently establish the plant.

The cutting edge in plant propagation. A hydroponic nutrient concentrate with added rooting hormone.

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