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Growth Technology

Growth Technology Rootzone (Root Biostimulant)

Growth Technology Rootzone (Root Biostimulant)

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The name says it all. Rootzone is an organic-based biostimulant that boosts growth, supporting a bigger, stronger, healthier root zone at every stage of the plant lifecycle!

Why GT Root Zone Biostimulant?

  • Organic-based biostimulant!
  • Boosts growth!
  • Healthier root zones at all plant life stages!

Rich in natural growth hormones to give roots an unbeatable growth boost to benefit the entire plant! Nourishes plants from the roots up! But it’s not just about explosive root growth. Expect a dramatic difference above-ground too. A little goes a long way. One 250 mL bottle makes up to 500 litres!

A balanced blend of marine extracts, fulvic acid, amino acids, thiamine and potassium that work together to stimulate the natural root growth process, enhance nutrient uptake and increase resistance to pests and diseases like root rot!

  • Marine Extract: Nature's Growth Booster
  • Fulvic Acid: Soil Super-Heroes
  • Amino Acids: Bigger, stronger growth
  • Thiamine: B1 Immune Booster
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