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HM Digital

HM Digital AP-1 Aqua Pro TDS/Temp ATC Tester

HM Digital AP-1 Aqua Pro TDS/Temp ATC Tester

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HM Digital AP1 Aqua Pro TDS / Temp ATC Tester measures Total Dissolved Solids and Temperature with superior accuracy!

Why HM Digital AP1 TDS/TEMP Testers?

  • Measures Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and temperature.
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC).
  • Resolution: 1 ppm.
  • Water-resistant housing.
  • Digital Calibration (push button).
  • Auto-off function, data-hold function, and low-battery indicator.
  • Large and easy to read LCD screen display which includes a simultaneous temperature reading.
  • Factory calibrated with a 342 ppm NaCl solution and can be re-calibrated with digital calibration using the push buttons, rather than a screwdriver.
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