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Hortilux PowerVEG FS+UV T5HO (54W) (4 Feet)

Hortilux PowerVEG FS+UV T5HO (54W) (4 Feet)

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The PowerVEG FS+UV (Full Spectrum plus Ultra Violet) is a fluorescent T5 grow lamp that provides your plants with a well-balanced spectrum and UV light.

The PowerVEG FS+UV spectrum closely mimics natural sunlight!

Why Hortilux Power VEG FS + UV T5HO Lights?

  • Promotes extreme photosynthesis for faster growth!
  • Stronger root systems!
  • Enables easy transition from indoor veg to outdoor flowering!
  • Develops stronger, healthier vegetative plants!
  • Higher yields and higher quality crop!
  • Creating faster producing yields, vivid colors, more flowering, and better tasting crops


  • Unit dimensions: 46.0" L x 1.0" W x 1.0" H
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