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Houseplant Dusting Wipes (80 Wipes)

Houseplant Dusting Wipes (80 Wipes)

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Finally! Extra Thick Waffle-Weave Plant Cleaning Wipes for dusting smooth-leaved plants. Help your plants photosynthesize their best by removing dust, dirt, and water spots for better overall health.

Why Southside Plants Plant Cleaning Wipes?

  • Beautifully Packaged Plant Cleaning Wipes
  • 80 extra thick wipes measuring 5.5 in x 7.25. 
  • Thick Waffle texture lifts dust beautifully
  • Perfect for smooth-leaved plants like Fiddle leaf figs, Dracaena, and Snake Plants

Leaf Cleaner for Spring and Fall Cleaning

Getting ready to bring your houseplant inside during the winter? Plant Cleaning Wipes are perfect for removing dust, grime and pollution from your leaves. Wipe down plants while checkig for pests that may have moved in while your plants were on summer break. 

Cleaning your plant leaves is a great way to prep for the lower light months next to your windows. Clean your windows, clean your plants and give them the maximum ability to get the nutrition they need even with suboptimal lighting.

Their Houseplant Dusting wipes are made of plant based fibers, and are a great plant leaf cleaner. They are Unscented and gentle and natural consisting of water a hint of glycerin and some Cinnamon oil extract different from harsher chemical competitors on the market.

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